Still standing, but for how long?


Still standing, but for how long?

After 96 years as a landmark overlooking Puget Sound, the Masonic Home of Washington in Des Moines is facing an uncertain future–maybe a wrecking ball. Once a retirement home for Masons before it was sold, the current owner has applied to tear down the stately building. As of this summer, city officials hadn’t taken final action on the plans for demolition and redevelopment. A historic-preservation organization is fighting to save the iconic landmark.

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$3M grant for housing project

A $3 million grant from the William A. Looney Foundation is helping The Mustard Seed Project with the assisted-living and memory-care community it’s building in Lakebay.

Seattle-Tacoma seniors among the most-wired in U.S. Seattle-Tacoma seniors among the most-wired in U.S.

While older adults generally are less involved with technology than their younger counterpart (for example, 78 percent of 65-and-over households have Internet access, compared to 89 percent of households overall), they are more digitally connected today than ever before, with some of the most-connected living in the Seattle-Tacoma area. The pandemic is one reason why.

Economy and homelessness are biggest issues for ‘pessimistic’ voters

While most Washingtonians feel good about the future for themselves and their households, a new Crosscut/Elway Poll finds fewer than half expect things to get better over the next year in their communities, the state, or the country. The “voter outlook index”—which measures how people feel things will go during the next year—is the lowest

‘Proper burial’ for 240 indigents

The King County medical examiner will lay 240 indigent people to rest Aug. 24. The Indigent Remains program provides cremation and what officials describe as a “proper burial” for individuals who are indigent and who have died in King County. This program serves people whose families either could not be located or could not provide


Ancient Greeks’ wisdom can help heal the loss of a loved one

Losing a marriage partner or other family member feels devastating, or, at the very least, difficult. We grieve, feel lonely. To find perspective, we can explore wisdom of the past.


Northwest is a gluten-free mecca

In a study that ranked nearly 200 of the biggest U.S. cities as the best places for gluten-free food, Seattle came in 10th. Portland, Ore. did even better.


Demand exceeding supply for RVs Demand exceeding supply for RVs

Popularity of recreational vehicles is spreading, so anyone in the market for a 2022 RV shouldn’t expect to get a deal. As long as the demand exceeds the supply, the prices will keep going up. According to Nomadic News, manufacturers are increasing prices for dealers, which makes dealers less likely to cut buyers a deal.

Health & Fitness

Family caregivers can get help from county conference

Thousands of Pierce County residents take care of a friend or family member with a serious health condition. While being a caregiver can be a labor of love, it can also be very stressful.  On top of normal stress, the isolation created by COVID-19 has resulted in incredible challenges for caretakers and caregivers’ well-being and

Personal Finance/Consumers

Why (or why not) people actually do estate planning Why (or why not) people actually do estate planning

More than half of Americans think that estate planning is at least somewhat important, but only 33 percent have a will or living trust. When asked why they don’t have a will, 1 out of 3 respondents believes they don’t have enough assets to leave behind.