Wily entrepreneurs are starting and running businesses in their later or post-retirement years


Wily entrepreneurs are starting and running businesses in their later or post-retirement years

Seniors are more aware than ever that they need to have enough money to carry them through retirement. Experts put the figure at an estimated 80 percent of pre-retirement income for the average American, who is expected to retire at the age of 63, to live comfortably for the next 18 years. Unfortunately, many won’t meet this target and will run the risk of running out of money should they retire sooner or live longer. Instead of searching for post-retirement jobs, an option is to start a business to fund their retirement years.

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King County “doing all we can” to vaccinate residents

King County will spend $7 million to create two high-volume COVID-19 community vaccination sites, plus multiple mobile teams to serve people at the highest risk of severe illness and death from the virus. That group of high-risk people, classified by the state Department of Health as group B-1 for a phase of vaccinations, includes people

Who’s next for COVID-19 vaccinations Who’s next for COVID-19 vaccinations

Updated Jan. 13: Here is information from the state Department of Health and other sources on the next phase of COVID-19 vaccination in Washington. The federal government on Jan. 12 Tuesday issued new guidelines that expand coronavirus vaccine eligibility to everyone age 65 and older, as well as to those with medical conditions such as

Logging on pulls people out of pandemic dumps

The constant stream of stressful news causes millions of people to check on the latest developments via their social media feed. The habit has given rise to the term “doom scrolling” – continuing to scroll through bad news even though it’s disheartening or depressing. But while technology can keep people down in the dumps with

Survey highlights value, pitfalls of older workers

According to a new AARP survey of experienced workers, nearly 90 percent work for financial reasons, and approximately 80 either enjoy or feel useful doing their work. And among those who plan to retire, about 1 in 4 plans to start a business or earn money in some independent way, such as a gig economy


Generosity flows in Tacoma, Seattle

Tacoma and Seattle are two of the three Washington cities whose residents rank among the most generous in the United States, according to a survey. Vancouver also is in the top 10 most-giving cities based on 12 indicators of 12 key indicators of philanthropy, including from charitable donations, volunteering, and number of food banks. In


When dieting, it’s not all about calories

Many people are of the opinion that when dieting for weight loss, it is all about counting calories. If you want to lose weight, you just eat fewer calories or do extra exercise to burn more calories. That’s it, just one of those two options. But that isn’t true. The idea is, all diets are


Travel show is free, live and virtual Travel show is free, live and virtual

AAA’s Winter 2021 Virtual Travel Show will give Washington consumers a feeling for the future of travel without having to pack a bag or leave their homes. The show’s series of free virtual presentations, available from Jan. 12 through Feb. 28, will feature AAA travel experts and representatives of excursion companies and cruise lines in

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Dental health’s link to Alzheimer’s, and what it means for family members Dental health’s link to Alzheimer’s, and what it means for family members

I know from personal experience how tricky it is to navigate oral care routines with Alzheimer’s patients, because my father lives with Alzheimer’s. The average number of years that a person lives after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s is eight to 10 years, but some live another 20 years or more. It is important for the

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Study: Gig Harbor is primo for retirement Study: Gig Harbor is primo for retirement

Gig Harbor is the best place to retire in Washington, according to a nationwide study. For its sixth annual “Best Places to Retire in the U.S.,” SmartAsset, a New York-based financial technology company, measured tax friendliness, the availability of medical care, recreation and social opportunities, and senior populations in each location. Gig Harbor came out