Income levels adjusted for property tax breaks


Income levels adjusted for property tax breaks

State lawmakers made themselves popular earlier this year by expanding Washington’s senior property tax exemption and deferral program for low-income senior citizens, individuals with disabilities, and veterans. Senior advocates such as AARP joined others in praising Senate Bill 5160, which the Legislature passed during its 2019 session. Beginning with tax collections in 2020, the legislation makes it easier for property owners to reach the qualifying income thresholds for exemptions and deferrals by eliminating the current flat income rate.

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COMMENTARY: Now more than ever, public libraries matter COMMENTARY: Now more than ever, public libraries matter

Occasionally, someone unfamiliar with King County Library System (KCLS) will say to me, Why do we need libraries when we have the Internet? I actually love that question because there are so many compelling answers. Libraries, as repositories of knowledge, have been around for about 5,000 years, dating back to ancient Middle Eastern civilizations that

About Social Security in 2020

Social Security Retirement 2020,” a free presentation for anyone anticipating their benefits in the year ahead and those currently receiving benefits, will be held Oct. 21 at 4 p.m. at Brookdale Allenmore Independent Living, 2010 S. Union Ave. in Tacoma. The presentation will be by Kirk Larson, a public affairs specialist for the Social Security

Hotline offers mental health services 24/7

A 24-hour hotline for mental health crisis services is offered in Pierce County through a partnership between Beacon Health and Washington State Healthcare Authority. By calling 1-800-567-7764, Pierce County residents can talk to someone about urgent situations such as behavior that’s reckless, violent or substance-related, and request referrals to a mental health professional for stress,

Puyallup River Watershed Council is keeping it clean Puyallup River Watershed Council is keeping it clean

Nothing makes the Puyallup River Watershed Council happier than clean water, a healthy environment and thriving communities. That’s the never-ending goal of the council, which works with local residents, governments and businesses to protect and enhance the health of the watershed that stretches from Mount Rainier to Tacoma’s Commencement Bay. The watershed spans about 1,040


TECHNOLOGY: Personal emergency systems can be hacked, but their positives outweigh negatives

Retirement doesn’t have to mean sitting at home and passing time on the porch. As they age, Americans are staying active, engaging in new hobbies, traveling to wish-list destinations, and living life to the fullest. Technology is helping to facilitate active lifestyles by providing a safety net inside and outside the home. New technologies are enabling


Cheat occasionally but eat ‘clean’ rest of the time Cheat occasionally but eat ‘clean’ rest of the time

An overall healthy diet allows for the occasional indulgence. It not only promotes a healthier relationship with food, but studies have found that people who let themselves cheat on their overall healthy diet once in a while are more likely to achieve their weight-loss goals. So have the cookie for Sunday dessert, or enjoy every


Set sail on a moving theme park Set sail on a moving theme park

Were you in Seattle this summer?  Did you see that gigantic cruise ship sitting so elegantly at the dock at Bell Harbor? The Norwegian Bliss is 20 decks tall, 1,094 feet in length, weighs in at 168,028 gross tons has 2,200 staterooms to carry 4,000 passengers plus additional cabins for the crew of 1,700. She

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Take charge of your body and mind through self-care Take charge of your body and mind through self-care

While you aim to live a full, happy life, achieving it starts with protecting your most valuable asset: Your health. Though the pace of life and other external variables can hinder you from putting your health first, self-care should not be ignored. Proactively taking care of your physical and mental health is one of the

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Prepare for retirement financially and emotionally

Those early days of retirement can be exciting as you are finally rewarded with a little rest and relaxation after all those years of toil. But it can be a bit unsettling, as well, when the regular paychecks you counted on stop appearing in your bank account. That’s why anyone who’s still a few years